Tournament FAQ’s


In Pickleball speed, power and strength are great player attributes but patience, strategy and placement are what’s needed to win.

How does a team register?- To register, please create a NEW ACCOUNT for each individual player at

First Select “Summer Kick-Off Challenge” then proceed through the registration form. During the registration process you will be asked for your desired partner’s name & information, along with a single payment for one player. Reminder: Each player must register individually. 


How do I determine whether my team should register as Beginner (1.0-2.5), Intermediate (2.5-3.5) or Advance (3.5-4.5)? – To determine your team skill rating, please read the skill rating descriptions via the link below and self evaluate which division is most appropriate for your team. 

For Skill Rating Descriptions Click HERE


Can friends, family and co-workers attend the event?– Yes, we encourage spectators to come and enjoy the event atmosphere and support their corporate team!

What if my partner changes before the tournament because of work obligations, illness……?– Please notify us if there is a change in partner. This may affect the skill level at which you are registered. We will try to assist with “substitute players” if this occurs to keep everyone in the competition


Will parking be available?Yes! Free parking is available on site near the The Roland Park Country School Athletic Complex.